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General Election 2020: Register to Vote

All you need to know to vote in November.

Update: More Election Drop-Boxes added around Omaha

Who can vote?

As a citizen of the United States of America you have the right to take part in the political process. Voting is a
powerful way to influence your own future as well as the future of your children and loved ones who can’t speak
for themselves. Be a voter!
You are eligible to vote if you are:
1. A US Citizen
2. At least 18 or turning 18 by the General Election day (November 3)
3. An Ex-Felon 2 years following completion of the entire sentence including probation/parole and post
release supervision (misdemeanors or time in jail do not make citizens ineligible to vote).


  • 10-16-20.  Deadline for voter registration by mail, online, at a state agency, library, DMV office, or deputy registrar event. Register online if you have a state ID or NE driver’s license at
    Or go to NEreg2 vote to print out a paper form to send to your county election office.

  • 10-23-20. 6 pm is final walk-in deadline for voter registration at Election office only.



Vote by mail? Early voting? In person?

Learn more at: 

Find out how and where to register in all 50 states.

Everything you need to know to vote.